Dual High School / College Enrollment

ACS offers dual enrollment classes through two universities:

 Liberty University’s Liberty Edge Program

Grand Canyon University’s dual enrollment program

  •  Students will enroll in and pay for the dual enrollment classes through the individual university program.
  • Students will have to meet the individual university’s enrollment criteria and course requirements in order to enroll in a course and receive high school and college credit.
    • University courses are not on the same calendar that ACS is on.  Students are responsible to complete the university coursework within the university’s scheduled time-frame. ACS staff will not be able to access the student’s online coursework nor will they be able to monitor the student’s grades or progress.
    • Students will be able to access their Liberty or Grand Canyon University courses online in the learning lab and/or from home.  If a student chooses to be assigned to the learning lab to work on his online college course, a lab fee will be charged.  ACS teacher support will be given to students who are working on their university courses in the lab. ACS teachers will not monitor the student’s progress within the course, nor will they have visibility of the student’s assignments, grades or progress.

For more information about enrollment procedures and to see course offerings contact Mrs. Wells.   You may also access the university’s website at the links below:

Liberty Edge


Grand Canyon University

http://www.gcu.edu/Dual-Enrollment.php , (855)428-5673


 Students will be required to submit a transcript from the university before credit will be posted to their high school transcript.   ACS uses the following formula when posting college credit:  3-4 credit college hours = .5 high school credit.  The class and grade is posted as it appears on the college transcript.


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