Do Standardized Test Scores Matter?

Do Standardized Test Scores Matter?

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There has been much in the local news about standardized test scores in Alaska. Last September the Anchorage Daily News published an article and  more recently KTUU ran a story titled Alaska Test Scores Near Bottom of National Results both of which highlighted the low test scores of Alaska’s students in various areas.

Apparently school districts believe standardized tests have some benefit and validity. Otherwise, why spend the enormous about of time and money on testing? Our position at Anchorage Christian Schools is standardized testing can be useful for assessment of several areas including readiness for the next grade or college.

We are very proud of the education our students receive at ACS because of the dedicated professionals who work here. Our teachers choose ministry over money while still providing a great academic education for students. ACS students consistently test above national norms at various levels and in various subjects. This is testing ALL of our students, both college prep and non-college prep students, including students who struggle and have IEPs.

When we separate out just our college prep students they test even higher. For example, college prep students who took the SAT and ACT last year averaged above the 79th to 84th percentile in English math.

Parents, you can rest assured your child is receiving a good spiritual, moral, and academic education at Anchorage Christian Schools!

Thomas W. Cobaugh

Chief Administrator



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