COVID-19 Statement

Dear ACS Family,

Though we find ourselves in a very challenging situation, I want you to know we have a plan to ensure continuity in your child’s education.

I am fully aware that our lives have been disrupted from our school to your own family to the broader local and even global community. Challenging situations such as we find ourselves in create discomfort, uncertainty, even anxiety.

This situation is requiring us to dramatically and quickly alter our established patterns of school, work, basically life in general. We have never experienced this exact situation before, but we have faced challenges in the past that we’ve weathered and we will prayerfully do so successfully again with this current situation.

Though we have no knowledge of any cases of COVID-19 associated either with our students or with the broader ACS family, we are currently following CDC guidelines and the directive from Governor Dunleavey for schools. In summary:

  • As you know our campus is closed to students until further notice;
  • Classes at all levels will be delivered online through a variety of platforms and tutorials;
  • Mrs. Wells is available to help parents and students with accessibility issues to online resources, and all faculty will be available online to assist with online learning questions;
  • Athletic and other co-curricular activities are suspended until further notice.

These actions will obviously have a profound effect on our school. In the coming days, we will be working through the many question that will emerge from these immediate actions to provide additional guidance and clarity.

I fully understand the burden this puts on many in our community who will have to rearrange plans, work schedules and revise how they conduct the daily business of education for their child. I deeply appreciate the hard work so many are doing and will be doing until we get through this health challenge.

We will to update you with changes as necessary. I appreciate each of you. Please stay safe and healthy during this difficult situation. Use this opportunity to reach out in compassion to those who need help.

In His Service,

Tom Cobaugh

Chief Administrator