ACS – Celebrating almost 50 years of ministry

Thank you for “checking us out” through our website! The mission of Anchorage Christian Schools is to partner with the home and church to educate and train children and young people who function successfully in today’s church and world. We want to train our students in the knowledge of God, teach them a Christian worldview, and provide an excellent academic education. And, giving thanks to God, ACS has been training children and young people for this purpose for almost 50 years!

God has blessed ACS with the best facilities of any private school in Alaska. But facilities don’t make a great school. ACS has also been blessed with highly qualified faculty and staff who view their teaching here as a ministry, a calling of the Lord. We have partnered with over 50 local area churches to assist them in the training of their youth.

ACS is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and AdvancED. This accreditation status is an outside validation of the excellent programs offered by ACS and allow our graduates to attend colleges and universities anywhere in the world.

It is our goal to prepare a child not only for this life but for the life to come. This unique philosophical basis works its way into all of our curricular and extracurricular programs and makes ACS distinctive among other educational programs in this area.

It is a privilege and honor to serve with the dedicated team of staff and families at ACS. Anchorage Christian Schools has been blessed with a rich heritage dating back almost 50 years. Today we enjoy our 20 acre, debt-free campus as the result of God’s faithfulness and blessing to the Anchorage Baptist Temple, our sponsoring church. We pray for God’s continued blessing and wisdom to be good stewards with the resources and people He entrusts to us.

As you “check us out” through our website I hope you will get a glimpse of what God has done and is doing in the lives of the children and young people He has entrusted to us. Please contact us if we can answer any specific questions or be of any assistance to you or your family. We pray consistently for the right families to become involved in this unique, God-blessed ministry and that He will continue to bless the efforts here for His glory.

In His Service,
Tom Cobaugh M.S. Ed
Chief Administrator

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