Thank you for your interest in Anchorage Christian Schools.  We are excited for the opportunity to present our program for your consideration. The goal of the elementary program is to partner with parents and church in training students in the knowledge of God, teaching them a Christian worldview and providing them with an outstanding education.    The excellent and highly qualified staff realize their responsibility before God in molding the lives and character of their students in order to give a good foundation for each child’s future in order to accomplish our goal.  A detailed curriculum, a love for children and a variety of teaching methods are blended together to prepare students to be willing and ready to accept God’s plan for their lives.

In addition to the successful academic program, students have a full range of special courses including physical education, art, library, music, band and orchestra (grades 4-6) and technology.  Students may also participate in yearly competitions such as the ACSI Spelling Bee, Speech Meet and Math Olympics.  Each spring our kindergarten presents a musical program and there is a musical for students 1st – 6th grade to celebrate their musical talents and for parents to enjoy. End of the year programs are presented to showcase academic progress through the year.

We encourage you to visit our school, perhaps join us for chapel on Friday mornings, and discover what makes ACS unique for students and families as we incorporate God into every area of our day at Anchorage Christian Elementary School.

Elementary Principal

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