Anchorage Christian Elementary offers a strong, Christ centered academic program.  The integration of scriptural principles in all disciplines of study is supported by daily Bible classes and a weekly Chapel service.

The primary grades (K-2) provide a challenging Language Arts curriculum, strong in phonics.

The intermediate grades (3-6) continue to challenge students through the incorporation of the sequential Language Arts and Math curriculum.

All grades incorporate History, Science, Art, Music, PE and Library.

The following scale is used in grades K-12:

A+          (98-100)                                                 C+           (77-79)

A             (93-97)                                                  C             (73-76)

A-           (90-92)                                                  C-            (70-72)

B+           (87-89)                                                  D+          (65-69)

B             (83-86)                                                  D             (60-64)

B-            (80-82)                                                  F              (0-59)

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