23 credits are required for graduation from ACS.

English 4 credits
Bible 4 credits
Social Studies 4 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Science 2 credits
P.E. 1 credit (.25 P.E. Credit Waiver earned per sport season)
Electives 5 credits

At least eighteen of the twenty-three credits must be in courses other than music and physical education.

All courses earn one-half credit per semester.  Courses are a semester in length and will be awarded one-half credit upon successful completion at the end of each semester.  Quarter credit is not awarded for successfully completing only nine weeks of a semester length course.

A Bible course at ACS must be taken for each semester a student is enrolled .

Requirements for class designation:

  • Sophomore – Five and one-half units of credit, one of which must be English.
  • Junior – Eleven and one-half units of credit, two of which must be English.
  • Senior – Seventeen and one-half units of credit, three of which must be English.

To receive a diploma, a student must be enrolled at least one semester and must carry enough credits to finish the senior year with a minimum of twenty-three credits.

Transfer Credit:

ACS accepts credit that is posted on an official transcript from a school or tutoring program approved to issue credit.  Credit is transferred as it appears on the sending transcript.  If a letter grade is not given, the grade will be posted on the ACS transcript based on the ACS grading scale.

College Classes:

ACS transfers credit using the following formula:  3 college credit hours = .5 high school credit. This is communicated verbally to the parent when they bring the Academic Dean the form from the college which must be signed stating that ACS will accept the credit as high school credit. The class and grade is posted as it appears on the sending transcript.

If the course taken is a 200 level course or higher and is in a core subject (math, English, social studies, science), credit is given the same weight as AP classes (5 point scale instead of a 4 point scale.)

Dual Enrollment:

ACS allows students to dual enroll in either college or home school (IDEA, Denali Peak, Raven, etc.) classes. In order to remain true to our philosophy and core values, students who wish to graduate from ACS and are dual enrolled may not substitute a class through an alternative program for a core class (Bible, English, math, science, and history) at ACS. An exception will be made for the student enrolled in classes other than Bible through a Christian university with a similar biblical philosophy, e.g. Liberty University’s online program or Wayland Baptist University. The student may take and receive credit for other Bible classes taken in addition to the required ACS class but must at a minimum take the Bible class offered for their schedule at ACS.

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