The Anchorage Christian School Lions have a long and storied history of athletic excellence.  The athletic program at ACS contributes to sound educational and spiritual objectives and is an integral part of the ACS programs.   Although athletic excellence is a major objective and a tremendous motivating force of ACS athletics, we do not consider it to be the end goal of athletic participation.

More important than winning are the potential changes that can take place in the participant, including becoming a more useful and loyal citizen; developing a desire to achieve excellence in every area of life; internalizing habits of a healthful and purposeful life; respect for the dignity of others; the willingness to make a personal sacrifice for the benefit of the team, for the benefit of others; living by a high code of conduct; and most importantly following the Lord to the fullest of one’s potential.

At ACS the school and coaching staff strive to come alongside you, the parent, in helping students mature in these vitally important character areas.

Anchorage Christian Schools is a member of the 3A level of Region III ASAA.

Thank you for your support of Anchorage Christian School Athletics.

Dylan Hoch, ACS Athletic Director

“In my estimation, there are only two things that we truly control—attitude and effort. That’s it. Attitude and effort.” – Mark Schlereth


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Anchorage Christian Schools

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Dylan Hoch, Athletic Director


907-337-9575 ext.7 (Athletic Director’s Office)


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